We're looking for women that have built a successful career through hard work, leadership and passion in the categories of Leadership, Arts, Human Resources, Social Responsibility Education, Healthcare, Technology, and Sports.

Our goal is to honor and publicly recognize successful women that have made an impact in their industry and are paving the way for other women in their field.

The winners will be showcased on our web page and honored at an awards ceremony scheduled for October 2022.

Judging will be based upon the nominee’s impact in business within their category, social media votes and community.

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Nominations will be open until 2022
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This category honors outstanding women that have successfully contributed to the education landscape. Authentic women leaders that develop equitable environments are especially important in today's day and age. Education impacts the way our generations grow, learn, develop and ultimately shape the world. We want to recognize the amazing women that are making an impact in molding this field.
This category looks for impactful and resilient women that provide value thanks to their outstanding sense of compassion and selflessness. We are looking for women that continue to break down barriers in leadership positions across the healthcare industry and who are positively impacting other women and their communities. It is important that we cultivate female leadership across the industry and showcase the work of those in the field that are tackling uncertainty and driving change in the complex world of health care.
This category recognizes top-performing women in the technology industry who inspire other women to build a successful career in this male-dominated field. Increasing diversity in IT is becoming a heightened focus for most firms, but the work is far from over; Women are still under-represented across the industry, especially at the leadership level. We are looking for women that despite the obstacles have grown as resilient and assertive leaders that drive change in the IT landscape.
This category recognizes inspirational women that are active in the sports arena and have helped other women succeed and grow. It is critical that we celebrate the power of using sports to bring together and empower communities by allowing women to gain discipline, confidence and leadership skills. This woman will be recognized as a true game changer!
This category recognizes the women that are leading philanthropic organizations with an effective and creative leadership style. Leading a nonprofit organization is a complex and meaningful undertaking - it requires compassion, executive-level decision making, and a constant vision for the future. We want to recognize the women that are leaving a mark in the lives of others by devoting themselves day in and day out to help the people that need it the most.
This category recognizes inspirational women in the Arts. We believe that art can serve as a platform for women to tap into themselves and become even better leaders. The Arts provide women with the tools to better represent themselves and express who they are as people and as professionals.
This category recognizes successful women that have built unique careers by pushing boundaries, challenging stale perspectives, and keeping an open mind. They are compassionate leaders that care for others but don’t lose sight of their own goals.
This category celebrates the HR professionals that are focused on improving the role of women in their industry. Female HR leaders can enact company-wide change and meaningfully impact the careers of other women at the company. Today, women in HR are working to close the wage gap, improve gender parity and diversity, and increase employee engagement. Exceptional women in this role can make a difference and help build the foundation for the next generation.
Nominations will be open until 2022
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